Learn Chinese Quickly And Easily With Pinyin Lyrics And Some Funny Stuff About My Life

I get bored how most blogs have a single topic line and just talk endless innuendo about the same stuff that is just common sense anyway. So this blog post is going to start off with that stupid innuendo that might help some newbies but if you want to cut through the boring stuff and read about the life of a crazy foreigner in China then read the second half of this post.

Have you ever considered learning a language? Learning a language is fun and helpful to everyones lives (yeah right). A good method of learning Chinese is through singing Chinese songs. It can benefit you when you travel to understand the culture an can benefit your career and help you do business. Recently China has become one of the economic superpowers due to it's large export market. It's also one of the most widely spread languages in the world. It's also a pretty comfortable place to work as there are many English teaching jobs in China where you just pretend to be interested in teaching them stuff so they can be just excited enough to pay attention and hopefully even learn something.

There are many options for learning Chinese for example doing Chinese classes or taking a long holiday to China to practice your speaking. There are also a lot of free resources available on the internet. Pinyin is the romanization of Chinese and is the best way to learn to remember words and speak them. If you like Chinese you should consider singing popular chinese song lyrics because it's fun but also helps you improve your listening and speaking skills.

Some well known artists include S.H.E. a female group and Wang Fei (Faye Wang) a female singer from China who also spent a lot of time living in the States and has released both Chinese and English songs.

If you are planning to go to China then you better be prepared to learn Chinese and practice kareoke because people in China love singing at KTV (Kareoke TV) which is a place where you can sing your favourite songs in English and Chinese while reading the lyrics off the screen or from this website if you can't read the characters.

As the owner of pinyinlyrics.net I can tell you I often surf pinyin lyrics from my phone to help me read the music while I sing at KTV. On top of singing you can also practice your listening by overhearing people having conversations outside. Be very observant and try to think about the topic people are talking about as well as the nuances and repetitive speech patterns in the language that once learned can really help you keep up with the flow of a language.

Another good option is watching movies with English subtitles, or character/ pinyin subtitles if your Chinese is better. You'll be able to hear actors speaking and try to understand what they are saying. If you can follow the general plot of the movie and how the characters interact you can quickly deduce what people are saying even with less than fifty percent comprehension of the conversations.

Make sure to note the important words and phrases in the movie which repeat themselves as these are the staples of improving your fluency in the language. A couple of examples off the top of my head are suo you (所有) which means 'therefore' and hai shi (还是) which means 'still'/ 'or' though I might be wrong on the subtlety of the translation as my Chinese girlfriend tells me I overuse this word but she thinks the way I use it is very natural even though I'm often transposing English grammar into my Chinese speaking.

She has started copying my grammar and using hai shi instead of 'huo' (或) which is what is more commonly used when saying 'let's do this OR do that' and even her friends and family have commented how strange her Chinese is but she actually prefers to speak my Western Chinese. As for myself I don't really care about the inaccuracy and general poorness of my grammar because my fluency is better than a grammar nazi who won't open his mouth without using mathematical equations to systematically go through the grammar! OK exageration but you get my point.

That brings me to my next point. Having a Chinese girlfriend is one of the fastest ways of improving fluency because you can say the same stupid everyday shit to her over and over until it seems as natural as speaking in English. As for my girlfriend? She's bisexual and we have an agreement where we let eachother have other girlfriends. Some of you think I'm a lucky bastard, that's how I feel too... some of you think I'm just a bastard and immoral well if that's you then FU because I like my varied sex life.

Going off topic here but another thing I'd like to post about is Chinese girls in general which at some point I'd like to do a seperate post on. My 3 years experience of living in China has taught me that Chinese girls either mainly go for looks or money ie handsome guys or businessmen. They also prefer slim built men to bigger built more muscly guys so being toned and slim would be a godsend in China. Admitadly I'm neither right now, just average build but not fat either, I have to rely on my Chinese speaking skills, charm and lame humour to date reasonably attractive girls while wishing I had that money loving bitch down at the local KTV.

I have a friend here who just arrived, he's teaching English here and speaks almost no Chinese. He was able to pickup the most beauitful girl working at the gym, I already had her number but no success and yet despite their communication problems she is apparantly already stated her willingness to go date him... even though she has a boyfriend but err that's never been a problem for most Chinese girls even the married ones.

I stopped caring about learning Chinese as soon as I had that experience. Right now I'm concentrating on losing weight and getting toned up at the gym but I advise everyone to keep practicing Chinese until you get semi fluent as once I get fit I will easily get girls like the one my friend got and in abundance so I won't care if one bitch brushes me off for a slimmer white man. So whether you think I'm awesome or an idiot I would like to hear your comments on my Chinese learning tips and strange perspective on life and dating, well I haven't really given you much perspective on life that will have to wait for another post. I really want to see your comments because I'd like to turn the Pinyin Lyrics blog into an informal forum like social area of the site. I'm a little wary of adding a forum because I'm afraid of spam so this will have to do for now.

I know there is a vast audience of Chinese speaking or learners/ enthusiasts through the world who visit my site so despite being a lazy bum I'm trying to make it vaguely interesting for you all. Peace out a town.